Monday, 24 July 2017

In with the New - Another Spanking Twitter Edition

More spanking Twitter finds.

Spanking for Pleasure
SFP produced many classic spanking videos. Publishers of Fessée magazine.

You Can Spank Me
Whether you like to be Spanked or prefer to do the Spanking. This Blog is for you to connect with like minded naughty people. 

Alex Reynolds 
Fetish and spanking model/producer, pro-switch, erotic author, kink educator & blogger who co-runs Northern Spanking and Kitchen Sink Spanking.

Free Spanking
Spanking and BDSM pictures and videos! - Starting your day with a good spanking.

Spanking and Smoking
A lover of traditional CP and the spanking of females for smoking.

Positively Spanking
Miss Rachel. Professional Disciplinarian and Spanko. 

Sarah Gregory 
Fetish/Spanking model.

Thong Spanking
Tweet about thongs in spanking and spanking movies with thongs.

OTK Pleasure
Spanking Enthusiast.

Spanking Court
Spanking Court and Sternwood Academy.

Michael Masterson
Producer of Real Spankings Network films since 1997.

Don't forget - spot any new adult spanking-orientated blogs - send me the link.

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Friday, 21 July 2017

Dr Who and the BBC - oh and gender equality

So the BBC is in hot water over giving the Dr Who job to a woman, 

well it seems to have its supporters too but lots of diehard complainers. They're also getting a tough time about having all their top personality spots filled by males and the pay inequalities between genders.
Now I am firmly in favour of everyone getting equal treatment and remuneration, based on talent not cronyism and certainly not gender bias, but I'm sure the 'political correctness machine' has gone mad sometimes and organisations, employers, boards of governors etc feel pressured to act in certain ways just to appease the idiot politicians who dream up the rules. Even if it might mean making appointments which aren't appropriate, as long as they tick the boxes.
I was talking with Linda from across the road about it the other day when P came home. He caught what we were talking about and muttered 'disgusting' then went into the kitchen to find a biscuit. He came back and I asked him what he meant. He said, "Only joking, you were talking about Dr Who I believe, I think a woman in the role is ok actually and I say that as one who has watched it on and off since a kid. But that doesn't mean I think women should automatically be considered for all roles just because of equal rights. They should only be considered if the integrity of the character in the story as conceived by its author is maintained."
I told him that was a mouth full. Linda nodded and asked him to translate, I wished I'd said that.
He said, "Well for instance I don't think they should consider a woman James Bond because it isn't in keeping with Ian Fleming's story, it was written at a certain time and shouldn't be meddled with. But the Doctor is different because his 'story' allows for him to regenerate in different guises so why shouldn't one be a woman."
Linda argued, "But there were women spies and are now, why not have a female Bond?"
"Not the same circumstances," maintained my husband. "They can't just go re-writing the works of internationally acclaimed authors to pander to current political correctness. I mean why not re-make Moby Dick next time with a woman at the helm, or Jane Eyre with a man in the part or any number of Shakespeare's characters with genders transposed? It's just not on." Then he raised his eyebrows and smiled at Linda as if to say he rested his case, then he turned and went upstairs without giving either of us a chance to respond.
"He's not really a chauvinist," I assured Linda with a smile. I think she knew, she's known us long enough, P does have an annoyingly crisp way of saying things sometimes though.
At least we all agreed on Dr Who.

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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

A Smile for Today


Monday, 17 July 2017

I got fucked...oops, sorry, we made love

You see we had this conversation Saturday night over dinner with friends, it was about language and how it should be used, what is acceptable and what is not and, importantly as we were all the wrong side of fifty, how we should use it ourselves in our daily communications and transactions with others. I mean swear words, profanities, can sound awful coming from the wrong mouth or in the wrong circumstances...or they can sound entirely ok and natural and you'd hardly bat an eyelid if spoken smoothly by, say, Hugh Grant with his mildly upper class English twit accent. It could apply to lots of others, I don't want to make a list.

We didn't reach a conclusion but we all agreed there was a difference, perhaps there's a snobbishness involved, perhaps posh people do swearing better. I don't think one single swear word was used at the table by the way, apart from to illustrate a point, and yet all of us accepted we were 'swearers' at times. I asked how we all felt about using swear words in emails and unanimously we didn't do it....but a Whatsapp or a text was another matter entirely. I was and am interested in how peers view and use what used to be called bad language, it interests me in particular because I write my little blog and sometimes stop and think 'should I say this or should I say that?'. I asked P yesterday afternoon if I should moderate my use of language, he said 'no, why, lots of words in use today weren't years ago but they are now so if they're appropriate use them in my opinion'.

I agreed with him but then I was still bathed in the afterglow of receiving a sound dose of wifely corporal punishment and being copulated (is that a verb?) so we were on the same wavelength anyway. Then later I sat to type today's blog and I typed the preceding sentence on my laptop and smiled as I thought how silly it looked but I left it in there anyway. What had actually happened was that I'd been a bit lippy, sassy to you Americans, while we'd been out at lunchtime and P had pinched my bum and told me less of my cheek or else. Of course he got more of my cheek before we got home and, well, you can join the dots up as to what happened when we got home only I'll re-phrase it in my normal vernacular; I got my cheeky bottom spanked good and hard and then, with him fairly bursting out of his pants, I got fucked doggy style and kept shouting at him to do it harder and when he spunked into me I came and we collapsed in a sweaty heap on the bed. It was a few minutes later that I consulted him about the use of language.

Typing now I know we didn't make love. Nobody 'makes love', the expression should be banished. Love exists or it does not but it can't be made. I've decided we definitely fucked, and it was very good and I'm actually quite happy to get fucks like that. And really, I can't think of a better way of putting it. So I shan't be tailoring my language any time soon but I can't be bothered to go back and alter the heading. Fuck it:)

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Friday, 14 July 2017

Spanking art work

Spanking art work by a professional free-lance graphic artist and illustrator. Enjoy.

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